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Reno, Nv.
I don't like humans.
StraightEdge. Lonely. Cats. Music.
Technically single but a loser has my heart and body.

I like anime, old videogames and porn.

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should i message them again or am i just being really clingy and annoying: a life story by me

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You don’t deserve to get married if you cheat on your soon-to-be-wife at your bachelor party because it’s your “last night as a single man,” motherfucker please. You haven’t been single since the day you asked for her heart and for you to throw it out for a “final night of freedom” as an excuse just makes you an undeserving disgraceful bastard. I hope she leaves you and you end up spending the rest of your life alone.

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Link to Homestuck Design Contest Page

E-Mail What Pumpkin Link

What Pumpkin on twitter

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Hot Topic is known amongst artist groups as one of the worst offenders of art theft in U.S. retailers. I know artists are important to What Pumpkin, and I’d imagine multiple cases of art theft would be a very big deal. The most well-known of the cases were stolen fan art from independent artists, which is the same demographic the Design Contest was aimed to.  I’m an artist myself and I wouldn’t want to support a store that steals from my peers.

The people running Hot Topic have zero respect to artists and to copyright law. They’ve been ripping-off independent artists’ storefronts, and continue do so. The whole company really should have been shut down long ago.

If you support artists, independent, fan artist, or any kind, you should oppose Hot Topic and MSPA’s association with them!

Tell What Pumpkin to kick Hot Topic out of the Design contest RIGHT NOW.

We have so little time left to stop this please tell them that it is completely unacceptable to do any sort of business with petty art thieves.

Even if you don’t know what to say, or if you think it would compromise the contestants; It won’t. Just please voice your thoughts in anyway you can put them. Don’t let Hot Topic get a dime out of Homestuck.

Fuck everything about that place

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angry and quite offended that you don’t have a crush on me

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HAHAHAHAHAHA I’m fucking crying


HAHAHAHAHAHA I’m fucking crying

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i get sexually frustrated just by looking at you

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Online image search tool and Chrome extension that claims to locate US sex offenders in it’s database with facial recognition analysis:

This Free online safety tool uses Facial Recognition to scan photos of Potential Dates, Coaches, Teachers and more… Check them all with CreepFace instantly!

Just Right Click and Select “Scan with CreepFace” to check any online photo against 475,000 Registered Sex Offenders in the U.S.

Facial Recognition powered by

The Creepface online search engine can be found here



Keep all the girls safe!
And stay safe girlies.

Reblog constantly!

Keep EVERYONE safe. Not just girls.

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